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After more than 15 + years in the pharmaceutical industry, I saw a different path for healing, plant based solutions that have been in existence, working and healing, for thousands of years. I was compelled to do more for my community, believing that collectively we can bring back the Magik of medicinal plants.

"I was compelled to do more for my community."


So in 2018, I started Magik Roots carrying my interests, research, and passion into hemp, herbs and mushrooms learning anything I could about all of the magikal plants available.. My goals have been to always develop products with integrity, positive energy, and that work to actually change lives.

Now I have that chance with Magik Roots.

I hope you will join us on this journey to regain the  Art of Healing


We’ve since been able to create a company that has delivered on that promise and more.


Our healing herbs and mushrooms are organically grown, and the Hemp is certified USA grown, insuring product quality and consistency. Then they undergo our proprietary processes  infusion and encapsulation, (to include the leaves, flower, and roots) to naturally include ALL of the critical cannabinoids and compounds for maximum health benefits.

Our full plant products are proven to be the very best way for the body to absorb the positive energy all plants offer. You can read more about that HERE.

Plant medicine is alive and well, just as we want you to be. Our mission is to change lives for the better with plants, allowing everyone to live their best life


David Isenberg
Founder & CEO




[Adhering to past practices]

All Magik Roots products are created with time tested results. Our process requires more work and takes longer, but it is worth it in the end to create superior health products.

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[An art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill]

Every single product we make is backed by longstanding research and handcrafted with creative ingenuity, as well as positive energy to deliver the best possible results.

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[Of a substance or plant having healing properties]

Hemp has 144+ cannabinoids and over 400 compounds available for us to harness. We infuse them into each of our products to create something truly unique that raises the bar for all.

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