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CBDa Important for Cancer!

Updated: Feb 7

Breast Cancer

A 2012 study out of Hokuriku University in Japan found that CBDA was effective at inhibiting the growth of an aggressive form of breast cancer. While researchers found the results to be promising, more studies are needed to determine the mechanisms through which the CBDA worked. In addition to preventing growth, one study found that cannabidiolic acid can prevent breast cancer cells from migrating, meaning that it limits the disease’s opportunity to metastasize to other parts of the body.

Scientists have been working to figure out what this all means. What is the mechanism through which CBDA affects cancer cells and how can this be put to use in real-world treatment? While a 2014 study made a connection between CBDA as a COX-2 inhibitor and its breast cancer-fighting ability, more research is necessary to fully utilize CBDA as a weapon against the disease.

Magik Roots CBDa Importance for Cancer
CBDa Magik Roots

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