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New Roll-on CBDa pain relief and more

Dimethylsulfoxide was discovered in the 1800s. It is a 100% natural product derived from Pine trees. It has been documented as a safe substance, with thousands of studies showing it is non-toxic and 7 times safer than aspirin.

As a delivery system, it can pass through body tissue, individual cells, and the brain barrier, delivering our herbal products directly to every cell in the body. By itself, it is a powerful free radical scavenger and detoxifying agent. Many studies have been done showing promise with Leukemia cells, Cancer, Pain, and Arthritis, protects against Radiation burns, Atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries), Scleroderma (hardening of the skin) Strains, Sprains, Scars, Burns, and Bruises with success.

So we have taken this to the next level, to utilize Organic Dimethylsulfoxide to deliver our healing herbs directly to every cell in the body, fast and effectively. These are some of the most powerful roll-ons in the market and get to work fast.

Whether you are looking for pain relief or much more we have crafted something new.

Pain management, Cancer

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